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Gender Diversity & Minority Scholarship Committee

The scholarship committee is a self-selected group that manages the gender diversity & minority scholarships. Separate groups handle AngelFund and Code4LibJapan scholarships.

Suggestions received

  • Send to a wider bunch of listservs, including for national orgs (ALA/SLA/MLA/CLA) & relevant sections? & student chapter


  1. Put out a call
  2. Receive and coordinate applications
  3. Distribute applications to the committee
  4. Select awardees
  5. Inform selected candidates
  6. Notify unsuccessful candidates
  7. Announce to Code4Lib main listserv and post on (e.g. )
  8. Hosts work with awardees on reimbursement, registration, etc.
  9. Follow up with awardees after the conference -- receive report, ask for suggestions, etc.