SirsiDynix: Integrated Library System Platforms on Open Source

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Around 09-Sept-2009, a SirsiDynix Corp position paper, "Integrated Library System Platforms on Open Source" by Vice President of Innovation Stephen Abram, was authored and distributed to a group of SirsiDynix customers.

On 29-Oct-2009, the report was posted on Wikileaks, which "spreads a fantastic amount of fear, uncertainty and doubt about both open source software in general and, more specifically, the suitability of open source integrated library systems" [1].


The Report


Date Author/Source Title
2009-10-29 Matienzo, Mark SirsiDynix Report Leaked, Spreading Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt about Open Source
2009-10-30 Breeding, Marshall Clifford Lynch clarifies views relative to open source ILS efforts
2009-10-30 Matienzo, Mark Clifford Lynch Clarifies Position on Open Source ILSes
2009-10-30 Digg [

SirsiDynix Corp shovels open source FUD onto its customers]

2009-10-30 Hudson, Alex Corporate lobbying against free software
2009-10-30 Abram, Stephen It's About a Respectful Discussion
2009-10-30 Linux Weekly News Hudson: Corporate lobbying against free software
2009-10-30 Hadro, Josh/Library Journal SirsiDynix Report on Open Source: Promoting Debate or Sowing Fear?
2009-10-31 GreenHill, Kathryn FUD and a Reason to be Cheerful

Relevant articles

"Some of the most security-conscious entities, like the United States Department of Defense, restrict the use of open source software for fear that it could pose a terrorist opportunity."