SirsiDynix: Integrated Library System Platforms on Open Source

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In September, 2009, a SirsiDynix Corp report, "Integrated Library System Platforms on Open Source", was released to a group of SirsiDynix customers.

On 29-Oct-2009, the report was posted on Wikileaks, which "spreads a fantastic amount of fear, uncertainty and doubt about both open source software in general and, more specifically, the suitability of open source integrated library systems" [1].


The Report


Date Author Title
2009 Clifford Lynch clarifies views relative to open source ILS efforts
2009 Clifford Lynch Clarifies Position on Open Source ILSes

Relevant articles

"Some of the most security-conscious entities, like the United States Department of Defense, restrict the use of open source software for fear that it could pose a terrorist opportunity."