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Mailing List

There is a separate Code4Lib-SE (Southeast) mailing list for the planning of Southeast region Code4Lib meetups. Feel free to post Code4Lib-SE topics to the main Code4Lib mailing list as well (for instance, announcing new meetups) but this Code4Lib-SE specific mailing list will make sure we don't drown the main mailing list with other sorts of Code4Lib-SE administriva.!forum/code4lib-se

Spring 2015 Event: Code4LibSE Datathon

May 1, 1-5 PM
Room 128, Hodges Library, University of Tennessee Knoxville
Registration page:

All are welcome to an afternoon datathon, put together as part of Code4LibSouthest. The event is free and open to all, although we do ask for you to register using this form so we can have a head count.

The first 2 hours will involve skillshares and workshops around data retrieval/munging tools, scripts, and workflows. Let us know if you have a skill that you would like to help others learn - some topics include OpenRefine/LODRefine, Google Docs + Scripting, writing XSLT, working with library data in python, open source ontology editors, working with open data APIs, understanding the RDF data model, etc. We will add confirmed topics for the skillshare part of the event agenda as they are confirmed on our Google Groups page - see!topic/code4lib-se/. Please know that all data skills are welcome!

Skills to be Shared:

  • Metadata munging with XQuery, including roundtripping MARC to/from other XML metadata formats using -- Kevin Clarke
  • Perl + MARC/RDF munging... (waiting for confirmation)
  • WOS, sci2 + network visualizations... (waiting for confirmation)
  • DPLA API -- Christina Harlow
  • LODRefine (Linked Open Data Refine) & Open Authorities Reconciliation -- Christina Harlow

We'll then take a coffee and food break as needed. Some coffee, tea and local treats from Magpie's Bakery will be provided.

The second 2 hours will consist of breakout sessions where groups of folks can work with datasets using the tools/skills picked up. We invite people to bring their own datasets that need any kind of work - encoding issues, normalizing headings, mapping to other formats, pulling in URIs. If you don't bring your own data, we'll use datasets from UTK and the DPLA that need work normalizing and mapping names/subjects of regional interest. Attendees are invited to sit and learn or work on their own data - whatever you feel most comfortable with doing.

Please register below, and let us know if you are 1. able to share skills or 2. will be bringing your own data. Neither of these are required for attendance.

Questions or issues? Email Christina at

Future Events

Group discussions seem to show support for 2 code4lib southeast events / year, with the location and event type changing according to whomever in the region can host the meeting. If you are interested in taking part as a host/organizer, you can start pondering when + where (we'll collect these in a first-come, first-serve list below in this group as people volunteer to host), then what exactly you'd like to offer. A couple of us are happy to help organize with the hosts as needed.

  • Summer - Fall 2015 will be in Greenville, SC (Sarah Shealy contact)
  • Winter-Spring 2015 will be at the Woodruff LIbrary, Emory University, Atlanta Georgia (Laura Akerman)