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2012 Craft Brew Drinkup

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=== Logistics ===
'''Wednesday, February 8, after 9 PM, in ...?Room 1001''' '''NOTE: The hospitality suite (room 525) will not be able to accommodate the drinkup. If you would be willing to offer up your room for the drink up, please list your name and room number below . Ideally we will find two adjacent rooms, or at least two rooms on the same floor.''' {| border="1" cellpadding="5" class="sortable" ! Contact (emailsponsored by [http:/twitter/ MediaShelf])! Room #|-| @banerjek| 2210|-| @anjyoung| 525|-| @kayiwa| 1208|-| [atz] or @atzberger| 511|-| moodaepo| 503|-| egh| potential offsite location|-|}
The Craft Brew Drinkup at Code4lib 2012 is all about sharing and enjoying good beer with fellow conference attendees. The idea is to bring bottles of your favorite beers.

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