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[ Cynthia Ng ] <br>
Innovative Technologies Librarian (2012)<br>
@ [ Ryerson University Library & Archives (RULA)]<br>
Toronto, Ontario<br>
E-mail: c s ng (at) ryerson dot ca (and then with no spaces)<br>
Twitter: [!/TheRealArty TheRealArty]<br>About.Me: [ Cynthia Ng]
I'm a recent graduate of the University of British Columbia (UBC) School of Library, Archives, and Information Studies (SLAIS) in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Currently, I'm on contract with RyersonU Library as their Innovative Technologies Librarian for 2012.
* Student Librarian at the UBC Education Library
* Information Management Analyst at Natural Resources Canada
As one of the scholarship recipients, I got to attend the Code4lib 2012 conference where I did a lightning talk on ProcessingJS, and blogged notes and takeaways for many of the presentations.
Feel free to contact me through my talk page or other contacts above!