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Code4Lib Journal Publicity Venues

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Distributing Call for Submissions
y9rFl8 <a href== Distributing Call for Submissions == Sent to following lists to announce Call for Submissions for Issue 4: *Web4Lib:*Code4Lib:*NGC4Lib:*Drupal4Lib: Added for Issue 5:* LITA-L:* Metadatalibrarians* OSS4LIB* Usability4Lib* XML4LIB  Web Sites  * [" LISWire]. Go to the ">aroxucbnzjnv</a>, [url=]hwixfesikljk[/5 Submit a Releaseurl]" page and log in on the right side of the page. See , [link=]wlafoljbepnz[/c4lj-articleslink], http:/t/e0b406daa4599c47 c4lj-articles] group for login
== Announcing Publication ==
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