Notes from Open Source Discovery Portal Camp

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Eric Morgan: Jangle is a step in the right direction. DLF came up with a list of API features they want, and then Ross came along and said here's a simple RESTful implementation of a lot of that API, based on ATOM publishing protocol. We need a number of agreed upon shapes of URLs that do things like tell me the status of this book, authority information for a person. To what degree do we want to use something like Jangle in vufind? There aren't a lot of choices right now, and this seems like a good project to explore further.
What about XC? They arenThere't actually s a lot of frustration around this project, because they say they are open source, no one has seen their code. They've approached both VuFind and Blacklight about incorporating the code from those projects, but arenhaven't making actually made any of their own code source available. There's a lot of frustration around this project. How do we get them to participate with the larger community? There's a growing community of developers around these issues, and XC should be involved. Eric says someone should have explicitly invited them.
(interested in further development: Bess, Andrew, Gabe)