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==Proposed Schedule==
* Call for Proposals: Mon Oct 1st1* Close Proposals: Fri Oct 26thNov 2* Voting Open: Mon Oct 29thFri Nov 9* Voting Close: Fri Nov 16th16 or Sun Nov 18
==Preconference Proposal Page Preamble==
Proposals close Friday, October 26.
Spaces available: ##insert info##4+ Rooms
Please include a lead "Contact/Responsible Individual" name and email address so we know who is willing to put on the proposed precon.
==Proposal Page Preamble==
Deadline for talk submission is ''Friday, October 26November 2''at 5pm PT.
Prepared talks are 20 minutes (including setup and questions), and focus on one or more of the following areas:
* awesomeness
Proposals can be submitted through Friday, October 26thNovember 2nd, 5pm (PST)PT. Voting will commence soon thereafter and be open through FridaySunday, November 16th18th. The submitter (and if necessary a second presenter) will be guaranteed an opportunity to register for the conference.
Proposals for preconferences are also open until October 26thNovember 2nd, 5pm (PST)PT.

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