2013 talks proposals

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Immanentizing the Google
* Sean Aery, Duke University Libraries,
We're using a "Google-as-a-Service" approach to reduce the complexity and cost of maintaining a structured-data discovery platform for digitized collections and other library-generated content. Our work picks up from a paper in the code4lib Journal by NCSU's Jason Ronallo [1], introducing the idea of embedded HTML microdata for library digital collections. We've extended our Lite implementation by using by using Google Site Search to develop a customized interface. In our talk, we'll demonstrate how to set up an instance of Site Search, how to customize the display of results, and how to use the platform's filtering, sorting and other useful functions. We'll also report on our analysis of usage data, and discuss our strategy for scaling the system to support global site search in an upcoming library-wide CMS migration project. [1] [ "HTML5 Microdata and", code4lib #16]
== Evolving Towards a Consortium MARCR Redis Datastore ==