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Ideas for topics
* Initial suggested topic for the preconference : lucene/solr ("A backend for your new catalogue in 15 minutes. Bring your data!"). Yes, for example, various programming interfaces to Solr/Lucene could be explored: Java, PHP, Perl, etc.
* put your library in the cloud using Amazon EC2 et al.
* Text mining -- the process of extracting information out of unstructured text -- might be an interesting topic. More specifically, text mining includes the processes of relevancy ranking search results, automatically classifying documents, automatically categorizing documents (not the same as classification), entity (name, place, organization, date) extraction, keywords and key phrase extraction, and summarization. With the increasing availability of full text books and journal articles, text mining provides a way to make sense of large corpuses of content in ways traditional cataloging are unequipped to deal with.
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