Umlaut partial html API javascript helper

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The second argument is a URL-formatted (KEV) [[OpenURL]] context object.
=== Display section mappings ===
The third argument is a javascript hash providing mappings from Umlaut html sections to HTML divs on your page. Umlaut html sections are configured in Umlaut in the "partial_html_map" configuration param, which by default is set to the "bg_update_map" config params :divs key. To see the sections in a default Umlaut installation, see: AppConfig::Base.bg_update_map [ in resolve_views in svn]. The :divs key of the hash there is an array of hashes, each individual hash has a :div_id key that corresponds to the html_sections id in this api response. For Umlaut developers, the :partial key tells you what [[Rails]] partial is used to generate this section.