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2010talks Submissions

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Submissions for 20-Minute Talk Slots
The release of Drupal 7 brings with it a big increase in utility for this already very useful and well-accepted content management framework. Specifically, the addition of fields in core, the use of the PHP_db abstraction layer, and the promotion of files to first class objects facilitate the development of richer applications directly in Drupal without the need to integrate external products.
'''Talk Title:'''
Fiwalk with Me: Using Automatic Forensics Tools and Python for Digital Curation Triage
'''Speaker name, affiliation, and email address:'''
Mark Matienzo, The New York Public Library,
'''Abstract of no more than 500 words:'''
Building on Simson Garfinkel's work in Automated Document and Media Exploitation (ADOMEX), this project investigates digital curation applications of open source tools used in digital forensics. Specifically, we will be using [ AFFLib]'s fiwalk ("file and inode walk") application and its corresponding Python library to develop a basic triage workflow for accessioned hard drives, removable media, or disk images. These tools will allow us to create a simple, Web-based "digital curation workbench" application to do preliminary analysis and processing of this data.

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