2013 social activities

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Game Night! Type of games might vary due to interest, could range from party games like Werewolf, Wits & Wagers, Telestrations, Taboo, Apples to Apples to perhaps more strategic games like De Vulgari Eloquentia or Eclipse. Jon Gorman is willing to bring some games, are you? Jon will try to send out an email soon to get some interest.
** yo_bj: I have some games I can bring as well (Kill Doctor Lucky, Fluxx, Godzilla: Stomp, Munchkin Zombies, etc.). Monday doesn't have anything major planned...
**danwho: I 'll bring the Cards Against Humanity set.
== Layar: augmented reality Code4Lib view of Chicago ==
There's a "Code4Lib 2013" layer in [ Layar], an augmented reality app that runs on both Android and iOS. You can use it to scan around the city to see two kinds of things: 1) tweets using the #c4l13 or #code4lib hashtag (if the tweets are geolocated so they can be
nailed to a point) and 2) points of interest from the [ shared Google Map].
To use it:
* install Layar on your phone
* run it and click to go into Geo Layers mode
* search for "code4lib 2013"
* launch the layer and look around
See Code4Lib people and events overlaid on top of Chicago, in real time! See an alternate view of the city that's all about libraries and coders!
To make your own tweets appear, use the #c4l13 hashtag and make sure the tweet is geolocated. In Twitter's client you need to do this by enabling geolocation in settings and then enabling it for each tweet.
Source code running this: [ Laertes]. Bill Denton set it up and is very curious to find out if it's useful, so let him know if you try it out.
== Local Events ==