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2013 social activities

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** infosoph: sunday/monday yes/yes!!
** [[User:Pfeeley|Pfeeley]]: sunday/monday/tuesday, either drink or flight
** [[User:Ksprague|Ksprague]]: sunday/monday/tuesday, drink or flight
* Brewery tour - some possible candidates would be Goose Island, Brew Bus, Piece, Revolution, Half Acre.
* Library field trips - because we're library geeks. Possible places include Newberry and Read/Write.--Read/Write Library confirmed for February 11.--Newberry Library confirmed for February 14.
** pgrayove at gmail dot com: I'm getting in around noon on Sunday too. I'm interested.
** ranti: And I am.
** Ksprague: I'm getting in around noon, and am also interested.
* Local Option - So you've heard of Hopleaf, you've heard of Maproom. Come to Chicago's *ahem* best kept secret for good food and an evening session on Monday. We will need a tally to make requisite arrangements. Target for arrival at bar: 7ish. Probably a group gathering to head north around 6:30 in hotel lobby (if you want to take the #8 Halsted bus that is).
** kayiwa

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