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Code4lib Mid-Atlantic

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Governance & Contact Info
== Governance & Contact Info ==
Because we're an informal group who share a common interest, there's no real Code4Lib Mid-Atlantic governance per-say. Decisions about meet-ups and activities generally work with someone pitching an idea on the mailing list. Therein, if you have an idea for a project, improvement or activity for the group, just send off a quick email to the Google Group, and before you know it, you'll most likely be "head" of said idea or activity. We're a good place to be an Experimentational Clearinghouse (formal definition of this coming soontm), so don't hold back with ideas...
With this in mind, we want to structure the regional meetings to tailor to what the community wants -- be it more formal meetings with talks, roundtables, etc or just evening informal meetups at a downtown pub. To this end, we want to hear from YOU (you've read this far, so you must be interested). To be heard, just contact [ David Uspal] or jump onto the mailing list and send a post with your ideas.

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