2014 Invited Speakers Nominations

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Daniel Reetz is the mastermind behind . It is an incredible community building open source software and hardware for book scanning using affordable consumer equipment. The project has evolved incredibly over the last few years and now include beautifully hackerspace-made scanner kits. He seems like a great speaker and I believe his perspective would be different from the traditional academic/research library focus.
== Jukka Pennanen & Mace Ojala ==
Jukka Pennanen & Mace Ojala are the primary organizers of the Cycling For Libraries Unconference ( )
"Founded in 2011, the Cycling for libraries is an international cycling conference for librarians and library lovers. It aims to advocate libraries and increase awareness of the valuable services and resources that libraries offer to the community."
I was luck enough to participate in this event last summer and I think it was an incredible experience. I think Jukka and Mace have a great perspective in how to organize a wide encompassing international library community.