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Code4lib Mid-Atlantic

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Upcoming Events
== Upcoming Events ==
From Andrew SatherKatherine Lynch, Jenkins Law LibraryTemple University Libraries:
[http://wwwlibrary.jenkinslawtemple.orgedu/about-us/directions Jenkins Law locations/paley Samuel L. Paley Library] at Temple University in Philadelphia will host the next Code4Lib on Wednesday, May 29th August 28th, at 6:00pm.
We The meetup will have be take place in the Lecture Hall at Paley Library, the same location as our April meetup. Also the same as April, there will be wireless access for all. Unfortunatelyvisitors, I can't promise cookies! as well as some light refreshments.
There will be We have time scheduled planned for 10 - 15 minute lightning talksfrom attendees. We'll provide Internet The venue is equipped with a laptop PC with internet access (wireless or CAT-5) , and a VGA hookup for your laptop if you're speaking. Please bring your the presenter wishes to use his/her own Mac adaptersmachine. If you would like to volunteer to present in one of these slots, if applicableplease contact Katherine Lynch (katherine.lynch [at] temple [dot] edu) or Doreva Belfiore (doreva [at] temple [dot] edu). We will also have a sign-up sheet available at the door for open slots.
We also have a dedicated PC Scheduled Talks for the projector if you plan August 2013 Meetup:<ul><li>Challenges of Video Game Preservation</li><li>Open Repositories 2013 and IslandoraCamp 2013 Conference Report</li><li>Transitioning from YUI Libraries to download a presentation or bring it with you on a USB drive.Bootstrap</li> <li>OPEN</li><li>OPEN</li></ul>
I'd love For information on getting to have a volunteer or two for a more lengthy presentation. Send me an email if you're interested.  Jenkins is located at 833 Chestnut StreetPaley Library, a block from see the regional rails at Market East, PATCO at 8th Street, and the MFL. [httphttps://wwwgroups.jenkinslawgoogle.orgcom/forum/about#!topic/code4lib-mid-usatlantic/directions More information Z_r2ewqgjdk Google Groups announcement] or contact Katherine Lynch (including parking) is accessible herekatherine.lynch [at] temple [dot]  The library itself is located on the 12th floor of a building best known as "The 833 Chestnut Building" edu) or Doreva Belfiore (doreva [at 9th and Chestnut. There's an entrance on Chestnut Street and one on 9th Street. Tell security you're here to visit Jenkins. You will be asked to show a government-issued ID.  Jenkins' entrance will be visible when you step off the elevators Tell the Circulation Desk that you're here for Code4Lib and someone will direct you. We can go for drinks afterwards, if you're interested. ] temple [ Cooperagedot] is just down the street, though I'll happily take other recommendations. Let me know if you have any special requests. Andrewedu)
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