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2014 Prepared Talk Proposals

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Building Hydra, a framework; a community
== Building Hydra, a framework; a community ==
[ Justin Coyne - ] Project Hydra contributor / Data Curation Experts - justin at curationexperts.comno previous C4L presentations
More than just a repository, the [ Hydra Project] is a community of cultural heritage institutions dedicated to pooling knowledge and resources. It is a completely open source project that has grown continuously for over 5 years. Within this vibrant community, a number of conventions and practices have emerged that we believe will benefit others attempting to cultivate support for their community oriented projects. The Hydra Project is now a mature initiative which is producing shareable, reusable and customizable components as well as complete repository solutions. In a time of tight budgets and growing demand for improved systems, we believe that "the Hydra way" is the exemplar case in the library community for how to work across institutions to deliver high quality services to our patrons. This talk will cover both the technical and human processes that have sustained Hydra's continued development and growth.

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