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2014 Social Activities

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'''Signup:''' Please add your name to the [ sign up list] if you would like to attend so that we can inform the organizers about the level of interest
== Library Tech Cast Round table: Wednesday Evening ==
The Library Tech Cast will be hosting a live Round table somewhere at the Sheraton, we are looking for about 5 people who would be interested. We are planning to disscus the conf and what has been going on etc.
See []for details!
Please contact if you have any questions!
'''Location:''' TBD (in a conference room? we are working this out)
'''Time:''' TBD, sometime after the afternoon session, (six-ish?)
'''Signup:''' Please put your Name and Email Address Below!
*Riley Childs, HOST,
*Slot 1
*Slot 2
*Slot 3
*Slot 4
*Slot 5
== Social Map - Places of Interest==

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