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2015 Preconference Proposals

No change in size, 20:00, 3 November 2014
Fail4Lib 2015
'''Half Day [TBD, probably afternoon]'''
* Andreas Orphanides, akorphan (at)
* Jason Casden, jmcasden (at)
Failure. Failure never changes. Since failure is an inescapable part of our professional work, it's important to be familiar with it, to acknowledge it, and to grow from it -- and, in contravention to longstanding tradition, to accept it as a fact of development life. At Fail4Lib, we'll talk about our own experiences with projects gone wrong, explore some famous design failures in the real world, and talk about how we can come to terms with the reality of failure, to make it part of our creative process -- rather than something to be shunned. Let's train ourselves to understand and embrace failure, encourage enlightened risk-taking, and seek out opportunities to fail and learn. This way, when we do what we do -- and fail at what we do -- we'll do so with grace and without fear.

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