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2015 Prepared Talk Proposals

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How to Hack it as a Working Parent: or, Should Your Face be Bathed in the Blue Glow of a Phone at 2 AM?
“What if the thousands of hours of graveyard shift amateur hacking wasn't really the best way to get the job done? That would be unthinkable.”
For those who are able to take an extended parental leave, we will present strategies for minimizing the impact to your career and your employer. For those (particularly in the United States) who are only able to take a short leave will require different strategies. Despite different levels of preparation, all are useful exercises in succession planning and making a stronger workplace and future ability to work a flexible schedule through reviewing workloads, cross-training personnel, hiring contract replacements, and creative divisions of labor. Such preparation makes work better for everyone, kids or no kidsor caretakers of any kind.
==Making your digital objects embeddable around the web==

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