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2015 Prepared Talk Proposals

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* Mike Hagedon,, University of Arizona Libraries (first-time presenter)
The web developers at the University of Arizona Libraries had a problem: we were working on a major website rebuild project with no clear way to prioritize it against our other work. We knew we wanted to follow Agile principles and initially chose Scrum to organize and communicate about our work. But we found that certain core pieces of Scrum did not work for our team. Then we discovered Kanban, an Agile meta-process for organizing work (team or individual) that treats the work more as a flow than as a series of fixed time boxes. I’ll be talking about our journey toward finding a process that works for our team and how we’ve applied the principles of Kanban to better get our work done. Specifically, we talk about I'll discuss principles like how to visualize all your work, how to limit how much you’re doing (to get more done!), and how to optimize the flow of your work.

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