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2015 Prepared Talk Proposals

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Adding prepared talk proposal: Playing Well With Others
* Analyze the effects of this practice for machine-understanding, SEO, and UX
* Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this model as it applies to a range of book genres, including web book prototypes for textbooks, fiction, and poetry.
== Integration/Collaboration: Playing Well With Others ==
* Sarah Romkey,, Artefactual Systems
* Justin Simpson,, Artefactual Systems
There are many different software applications and systems being used in collecting institutions to handle all aspects of managing their digital collections. Within a single institution, it is possible to have several tools with overlapping functionality. Sometimes the biggest gains in functionality and productivity come from a focus on connecting these systems together.
In this talk we will present several examples of integration and collaboration that we have been involved in while working on the Archivematica project. Examples of integrations with both open source and proprietary systems, as well as examples of collaborative development processes.

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