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info for next hangouts meeting
* build a host committee
Our next planning meeting will be at '''10am ''' on Tuesday 28 Oct'''Wednesday 19 Nov, 2014'''. We'll meet via google hangouts. We'll check in on our progress and determine next steps.I need your google account to invite you to the hangout! I have google account info for the following peoplePlease join us using this link:* Chad* Chelsea* Mark* Tim* David L.* David U.* Chris* Daniel
I don't have google accounts for (but have reason to suspect you'd like to join)https:* Steven N//plusIf I don't know your google account I can't invite you! Please send it to me. I have a gmail address (anna3LC).com/hangouts/_/gzsx2gu7iazevjakorhovcfwuia
Agenda (add your own agenda items):
* Chad on institutions he contacted
* Anna on institutions she contacted
* David U. on financial information-gathering
** it might be good to put this together with a press kit about how hosting this event would benefit the institution itself (Anna)
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