Keynote Committee Duties

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* '''conference registration''' - historically, there has been a special registration code for keynotes which allows them to register without being charged
* '''hotel logistics''' - does the committee arrange or the speaker, is there 's usually a discounted room block and how is it accessed , the conference should ensure that the keynote speakers have a chance to reserve a room themselves
* '''travel logistics''' - who books, if the host books does the speaker have any restrictions or preferred carriers, if the speaker books are there restrictions on what can be reimbursed, if there are several regional airports is one of them preferred
* '''reimbursement policies and procedures''' - what expenses are reimburseable (in particular policies vary on alcohol), do they get reimbursements or a per diem for conference expenses, what paperwork do they need to submit to whom, if floating all these expenses presents a hardship for them is there a way to have someone else handle them up front
* '''if a W9 is required ''' and where to send it- (answer: no?)* the fact '''that their talk will be livestreamed ''' - this is not obvious to non-code4libbers
They will also need to sign a speaking contract. Experienced speakers may have their own, and/or host institutions may have a standard. If the host's standard contract has non-OA-friendly terms on intellectual property, be prepared to help the speaker negotiate those as many code4libby speakers will care.