2015 Preconference Proposals

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code4lib/Write The Docs barcamp
# Liza Harrell-Edge - end-user
====[ code4lib/Write The Docs barcamp]====
Full day, Parlor C
* code4lib wrangler: Becky Yoose, yoosebec at grinnell dot edu
* Write the Docs contacts: TBA
Event page where you can find the latest information and... documentation(!) at []
Documentation. We all know that we need it for things we develop, but most of us either keep putting it off or write documentation that is not maintained, clear, concise, and so on. We're all guilty! So what's stopping us from doing better docs? Luckily, Portland is also the home to the NA Write the Docs conference, and is home for many folks who live and breathe documentation. This barcamp is open to both code4lib and non-code4lib conference attendees and is intended to provide a space where code4libbers can find practices and tools in creating better documentation for all as well as documentation wonks can find out ways in which the library wonks can help with better documentation access and organization.