Keynote Committee Duties

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Keynote Speaker Logistics
* '''all reimbursement policies''' - everything that was learned above, basically. Keynotes might purchase their own hotel and travel arrangements and later be reimbursed. If so, they must be informed of any restrictions or preferred carriers, regional airports, travel classes (e.g. business, first, coach), etc…
* '''that their talk will be livestreamed''' - this is not obvious to non-code4libbers
* '''the length of their talk & any limitations/restrictions''' - talks have traditionally been 40 minutes with 5 reserved for questions
Speakers may provide their own speaking contract and/or host institutions may have a standard. If the host's standard contract has non-OA-friendly terms on intellectual property, be prepared to help the speaker negotiate those as many code4libby speakers will care. A W9 may be required.