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Begun in Summer 2013, this chapter aims to create connections and professional development opportunities for folks from British Columbia and surrounding areas.
== '''2015 Code4lib BC Spring Workshops''' ==
=== General Info ===
'''When''': Friday, May 1, 2015
'''Cost''': $20 + taxes/fees per workshop (note: lunch is not included)
'''What''': Four half-day workshops
'''Who''': A diverse and open community of library developers and non-developers engaging in effective, collaborative problem-solving through technology. Anyone from the library community who is interested in library technologies are welcome to join and participate, regardless of their department or background: systems and IT, public services, circulation, cataloguing and technical services, archives, digitization and preservation.
As a Code4Lib event, we adhere to the Code4Lib Code of Conduct, which seeks to provide a welcoming, harassment-free environment. Please see the [ Code of Conduct] for further details.
= Past Events =
== '''Second Annual Code4lib BC Event''' ==
Submit them using this [ Google form]. This time around we're trying an additional format, something we call "From Pitch to Prototype to Program". See form for more details.
= Past Events =
== '''2014 Code4lib BC Spring Workshops''' ==