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This workshop will teach some of the particularities of working in a modern bash shell, connecting to external servers, using some helpful command line programs you probably don't know about, and generally making the entire terminal experience much more pleasant for you than it probably is right now. Highly recommended for amateur programmers who have started learning a language or two but still hate hate hate not being able to use their mouse and a nice GUI for certain things. The gun* is good. The mouse is evil. (The gun is a bash shell in this analogy.)
''Bio:'' Alex is a Data Curation and Digital Preservation Specialist at SFU Library. He is extremely verbose in real life, but not when programming, which is why he loves shell scripting, since it lets him type little nonsense invocations like $ ps aux | sed -e $(echo "s/.*/man paps/g") which better programmers would tell you are both useless and unintelligible. He believes that the world is full of suffering and that everyone should learn regular expressions.