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* Users, UX, & Technology: Going hi-tech with your classroom AV system -- Bohyun Kim
* What We're Doing with our DH Mellon Grant - Mackenzie Brooks
* Work from across the pond: Data Tools brought up recently at ELAG 2015 -- Christina Harlow (if there's time, can also be made into discussion or happy hour talk :) )
'''Unconference discussion topic - feel free to sign up'''
* A simple transcription tool for Fedora or Omeka-based digital collections
* Integrate Omeka and [ CollectionSpace]
* Lets start building MODS/RDF Mapping, OWL Ontology, & Transformation script(s) already
'''Workshop topics - feel free to sign up'''
A workshop on how to do central logging of server logs. using Elasticsearch, Logstash/lumberjack and Kibana. Users will leave with a basic understanding of how to use these three tools to look at logs of all sorts up to and including the tweets.
* Build/improve existing OpenRefine Reconciliation Services
Walk through structure of OpenRefine standard Reconciliation Service, including some existing templates for these, then focus on improving a few existing or creating a few new ones. (Christina Harlow)
'''Code of Conduct'''

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