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== Working Documents ==Working documents should be in the Preconf 2016 Google Folder shared with LPC and Preconf Committee Members at the start. Contact Anna or Christina if you don't have access. Primary communication is through the Google Group email list open to LPC and Preconf Committee Members.This space should be for meeting notes, outstanding action items, and upcoming meeting agendas. == Outstanding Actions Items and Timeframes ==* Confirm all workshop leaders are registered (or not attending) using Anna's lists from conference organizers. ASAP* Find space for blacklight workshop presenters who weren't included in registration calls. ASAP* Review new round of registration numbers for final room changes/waitlist follow-ups. As soon as new registration numbers are made available to us.* Pull together list of volunteer needs for day-of. Try to have crystalized 2 weeks before == Confirmed Details for Preconference Workshops ==* Agreed: workshop times: AM 9-12, PM 1:30-4:30* Projector, screen, tables, chairs, wifi of varying capability all confirmed for each workshop space. == Upcoming Meeting Agenda items ==
* Speaker form to send to presenters for website committee
* AV help needed at APS.
* Contacts at APS and CHF, and Concentra.
* Agreed: workshop times: 9-12, 1:30-4:30
* single registration table at hotel. Smaller welcome tables at other venues? with nametags / lists of attendees.
== Fifth meeting Next Meeting==Late January. Poll here:
== Fifth meeting ==
Google hangout, December 7th, 1:30 PM Eastern
* Waiting on confirmations for two workshops
** Eric will send emails