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Southeast 2017 Schedule

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| style="border:0.0104in solid #cccccc;padding:0in;"| Coding the Encyclopedia: Wiki Markup for Beginners
| style="border:0.0104in solid #cccccc;padding:0in;"| Jenn Young Educational Analyst, and Courtney Baron,Teaching and Learning Librarian at Oxford College, Emory University
| style="border:0.0104in solid #cccccc;padding:0in;"| Have you been interested in editing Wikipedia, but aren’t aren't sure how to get started? Do you already use Wikipedia's WYSIWYG editor and want to expand your editing capabilities? Wiki markup allows you to edit and create new articles and add diverse features to Wikipedia pages. Whether you’re you're new to editing Wikipedia or have some experience, you’ll you'll learn how to code your way through the world’s world's largest online general reference work at this deep-dive session.
| style="border:0.0104in solid #cccccc;padding:0in;"| Managing eResources with MS CEASR
| style="border:0.0104in solid #cccccc;padding:0in;"| Melissa Randall, Electronic Resources Cataloger, and Jessica Scott, Library Specialist, Clemson University
| style="border:0.0104in solid #cccccc;padding:0in;"| Clemson Libraries adds bibliographic records to the online public catalog for all eBook titles held in non-aggregated subscriptions, purchases, and those provided by our Consortia. While we use ProQuest’s ProQuest's Intota for conventional Electronic Resources management tasks, it does not track some needed management steps, namely MARC Record loads, ILS cleanups, cataloging workload, and vendor or collection problem resolutions. We will present how we codified the collections and adapted ERMes, a relational database from Murphy Library, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, to suit our needs. We’ll We'll cover the phases of the project, lessons learned, and future development plans for what we call Management System for Clemson Ebooks and Streaming Resources, or MS CEASR.
| style="border:0.0104in solid #cccccc;padding:0in;"| The Scholar’s Backpack: Using virtual environments to support modern research practice.
| style="border:0.0104in solid #cccccc;padding:0in;"| Bret Davidson,Interim Associate Head, Digital Library Initiatives, North Carolina State University Libraries
| style="border:0.0104in solid #cccccc;padding:0in;"| Increased emphasis on the reproducibility of research has ignited a shift toward more open practices, creating new requirements for researchers to improve research infrastructure and develop a modern research skill set. This talk will define a modern research skill set, discuss its relationship to the principles of open science, and introduce the Scholar’s Scholar's Backpack, a project to help researchers create the scientific computing environments they need to be productive. We will show how we are simplifying the learning experience for novice data scientists, how we are improving the reproducibility of scientific computing environments, how these environments have been used in our own Summer of Open Science workshop series, and how they could be applied to library services in a variety of disciplines.

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