Code4Lib Norcal 2017

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== About this Page ==

Planning information, confirmed details, and participation steps for possible Code4Lib Northern California event(s) in 2017 will be kept here. A preliminary proposal for a late summer (August) 2017 event is being worked on in the communication channels listed below.

== More Information on Code4Lib NorCal & Group Communication ==

For more information on Code4Lib Northern California, [ review this collection of pages which also has details from past events], [!forum/code4lib-norcal join the Code4Lib NorCal Google Group], and/or [ join the Code4Lib #norcal Slack Channel].

If you want to propose, collaborate on planning, or support Code4Lib Northern California event(s) in 2017 or in the future, use the [!forum/code4lib-norcal Google Group] and/or [ the Slack channel] to alert your regional neighbors (who can help, give feedback, highlight possible schedule conflicts, etc.).

== 2017 Code4Lib NorCal Events ==

=== WIP: Code4Lib NorCal August 2017 Meeting ===

Below is the planning document for a possible Code4Lib Nor Cal 2017 Event this August at Stanford. Feel free to jump into the planning efforts - we want all the collaboration we can get!

[ Link to the Planning Working Document in Google Drive]