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2018 Social Activities

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* When: Wednesday 2/14/18, 7 pm - 10 pm
* Where: TBA<!--[ The Board Room], 1737 Connecticut Avenue NW WDC 20009--><!--* How to get there: Metro Red Line to Dupont Circle Station; .9 mile walk from the conference hotel--> <!--Play games? Come join fellow code4libers in a few board or card games at The Board Room! We have the second floor to ourselves, as well as unlimited access to the [ games library]. We can bring our own games as well - see the sign up list below to list any games you might bring with you. --> <!--Additional notes about the venue: * Accessibility - The Board Room has elevator access to the second floor, as well as no steps to entryway into the establishment. Please be aware that noise levels on the second floor will be moderate - the second floor overlooks the first floor, and there is not much in the way of sound buffering.* Food and Drink - [ Alcoholic] and non-alcoholic drinks are available to purchase in the venue; however, you will need to bring your own food! The Board Room has some recommendations for a few local restaurants that deliver on their website.* Children - The Board Room is a 21 and over establishment. I asked for clarification about babies (in case one of you has one in tow) and got a written confirmation that they will allow for babies at the gathering. Unfortunately, outside of that, we cannot admit children to the venue.-->
Play games? We're currently securing a location near the conference center with plenty of space for attendees to gather and socialize... and maybe play some games in the process.

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