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* Just so we can talk to you about getting slides or follow up questions. Feel free to [ email me instead] if you don't want to enter anything here.
====Socials & things to do besides c4l====
* We're exploring a selection of fun group events for Wednesday night. Please let [ Thomas] know if you're interested or have an idea for an activity. More details coming soon.
* There will likely be a conference social on Thursday night, we're currently working it out.
* The [ Toronto Comics Arts Festival (TCAF)] is on May 12-13 right after c4l! Coincidence?
* Next door to OCAD is the Art Gallery of Ontario, which is currently hosting the exhibit [ Infinity Mirrors by Yayoi Kusama]. If you're interested in visiting while you're in town, you will need to get your tickets in advance from the AGO website as there are only a very limited amount of same day tickets available.