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Hackfest & Group Discussion Ideas
| Thomas Guignard || Getting started with virtualization. The aim would be for attendees to end up with a working instance of Vagrant/Ansible/Docker, and maybe run something like [ FOLIO]. I have zero knowledge or understanding of any of this, so if someone smarter than me is willing to run such a workshop, it would be amazing! Thanks :) || (@timtomch)
| John Daniel || Data hacking workshop. Do you like hacking, scraping, munging, mapping, or just working with data? Bring your most vexing dataset problems, compare tips and tricks, and maybe learn something new. Fun for anyone who likes Unicode, CSV, XML/XSL, JSON, Databases, Perl, Stata/R/Python/Pandas/NumPy/Jupyter & data tables, images, video, and geospatial (raster & vector) || ca (@etresoft)