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=== Parking ===
There is ample parking on campus for a daily maximum of $15.00. <del>A covered guest lot that is convenient to the Library is the Regents Drive Garage (#202 on the map mentioned above).</del> There is a large swim event taking place on North Campus which will take over a lot of central and northern guest parking. UMD Department of Transportation Services recommends that attendees arriving by car park in either the Mowatt Lane Garage (rooftop) or Lot MV next to Mowatt Lane Garage ([ D12 - #404] on the map). Additional parking may be available in the Stadium Drive Garage ([ C8 - #218]), but this garage may become crowded due to the swim meet. All visitors should avoid attempting to park in the Union Lane Garage off Campus Dr ([ D9 - #179]) since it is currently out of service and closed to the public.
Full information on guest parking options is available on the [ conference and visitor services site]. *Please note*: parking services is very vigilant and quick to ticket, so please make sure that you pay for your parking space at the pay station (look to the signage in the lots for instructions).

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