Keynote Committee Duties

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* Once two keynotes have been confirmed
** notify the Conference Planning Committee
** list on the conference website([[Keynote Committee Duties#Adding Keynotes to the website|see how]])
** notify the speakers who were nominated but ultimately not selected (see '''[[Keynote Committee Duties#Unsuccessful_Nomination_Follow-up|Unsuccessful Nomination Follow-up]]''')
** & notify the community
===When they agree to speak or shortly after===
Obtain a speaker image and short bio for the website.
Keynote speakers need to know:
Speakers may provide their own speaking contract and/or host institutions may have a standard. If the host's standard contract has non-OA-friendly terms on intellectual property, be prepared to help the speaker negotiate those as many code4libby speakers will care. A W9 may be required.
===Adding Keynotes to the website===
The Website Working Group needs the following things for each keynote speaker:
* full name as they'd like it presented
* professional title & organization
* square headshot image (doesn't need to be very large, 300x300px is fine)
* short (3-4 sentence) biography which can include links or other HTML
While it's possible to send these details to the website group without asking the keynoter for them specifically, it's best to see if there is a stock bio they like to use rather than, for instance, reusing the entry from their nomination in the wiki. You can pass this information along to the website group by either a) creating an issue on the website' github repo, which will be under [ the code4lib organization] ('''preferred''') or b) messaging the website committee, whether via the #conference-website Slack channel or reaching out to one of the volunteers listed on the conference committee page.
For reference, this is what the keynote data file looks like from 2019 (only the top 2 entries):
===A few weeks before the event===