Code4Lib2019 Breakout Sessions

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Keep an eye on this page for the full list of Code4Lib 2019 Breakout Sessions.
For directions to rooms, see the [ San Jose DoubleTree floor map]. We are in the Bayshore Ballroom on the lower level.
== Day One Breakouts 3:00pm ==
** [ Shared notes]
* '''Decentralized Web Primer and Q&A''' - Interactive session introducing and demystifying the concepts, technologies and motivations of the decentralized web (ie. peer to peer protocols, content-addressing, etc), with an opportunity to ask questions.
* '''Code4Lib Website Feedback''' | Room: '''San Jose''' - come learn about the website group that maintains the conference website and help us make it better!
== Day Two Breakouts 2:15pm ==
* '''Code4Lib 2020 Host Proposals''' - join the 2019 LPC, Concentra, and the 2020 Host Voting committee to learn about creating a hosting proposal and running the conference.