Code4Lib2019 Breakout Sessions

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* '''Islandora'''
** 2nd Floor Lunch space (Oak, Fir, Pine, Cedar)
** [ ISLE (github)]
** [!forum/islandora-isle Islandora ISLE Google group]
* '''Mentoring Program for C4L Community'''
== Day Two Breakouts 2:15pm ==
* '''Code4Lib 2020 Host Proposals''' - join the 2019 LPC, Concentra, and the 2020 Host Voting committee to learn about creating a hosting proposal and running the conference.(San Jose)** [ Shared notes]* Regional Code4lib Groups (San Martin)* Working with ArchivesSpace (Monterey)* Achieving Privacy in the Age of Analytics (Santa Clara)* We Here Group Meeting (Lunch Room)* Speed 2: The Mentoring (Lunch Room)* Front End Design Systems (Lunch Room)** LUX Design System: [ github], [ documentation], [ codepen]