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===VIA Rail discount===
Code4lib North attendees can enjoy a 10% discount when traveling with VIA Rail. Use the information below when booking your tickets. Please note that VIA Rail has no service to Hamilton, attendees will need to transfer to GO Transit in Aldershot, Oakville or Toronto. The discount only applies to the portion of the trip operated by VIA Rail. GO Transit does not offer conference discounts :( If you have a Presto card, you can use it to pay for your GO Transit fare.
'''Discount code:''' 13938
'''Instructions:''' Log in or create a profile on the VIA Rail reservation system prior to booking. On the Passenger information screen, select "Convention fare" from the “Discount Type” drop-down menu, and enter the discount code above for your convention or event in the “Discount code” field. The conference fare will be shown on the next page.
'''Discount:''' 10% off the best available fare in Economy, Economy Plus, Business, Business Plus, Sleeper class. "Subject to the conditions and restrictions of the fare plan to which the additional discount is being applied." Discount does not apply in any Escape fares and Prestige Class.
'''Valid:''' May 28th, 2019 to June 2nd, 2019 from all stations throughout the VIA system to Aldershot, Oakville or Toronto, Ontario and return.
'''Restrictions:''' Fare applies to a maximum of two passengers per booking. One complimentary stopover is allowed at no additional charge. For travel on all fare plans in Business class, the first stopover is allowed at no additional charge, provided that this stopover takes place in Toronto, Montréal or Ottawa only.

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