2019 Code4Lib Midwest Meeting

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After a couple of years of intense development, FOLIO is reaching the stage where libraries are considering its use for production tasks. One of the aims of FOLIO is to reduce the effort required for testing out new ideas for in the library marketplace. The core apps have RESTful APIs all the way down to the tenant configuration level, which enables other systems to interact with FOLIO in unique ways. This talk demonstrates the user interface of FOLIO (project name "Stripes") and the RESTful microservices gateway (project name "Okapi"). Participants will have a greater understanding of FOLIO's vision for an app-based platform and the mechanics of the FOLIO technology.
10:45 - 1110:0555 - break 
Title - Overcoming the Pitfalls of LibGuides through Design
1110:0555-11:15 10 - Break
11:15 10 - 11:3530
Title - Library Website: CMS vs. SSG
11:40 35 - 12:00
Title - IIIF and OCLC: Applying an international image standard to power indexing and discovery​