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2020 Streaming Video Documents

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* '''From title card and ambient audio to podium speaker''' (as in the start of the conference day or coming back from lunch). Make sure the ''Speaker Camera'' layer is live (tap '''s''' to make it live), then tap '''c''' to make the Code4Lib title card un-live and '''a''' to switch from ambient audio to ballroom audio feed.
* '''From speaker camera to data projector feed''': Tap '''s''' to turn off speaker camera full-screen. Note that '''p''' can now be used to overlay the speaker camera picture-in-picture in the lower right corner of the ''Program Output''. Keep an eye on the ''Program Output'' to ensure the speaker picture-in-picture doesn't cover up the speaker's slides. Tap '''s''' to go to speaker camera full-screen.
* '''To start a break''': Tap '''c''' to display the title card and '''a''' to go to the ambient audio. Note that during breaks you can tap '''t''' to turn on the Twitter hashtag display; use '''c''' to turn off the title card layer so the Twitter layer displays.
== Encoding Setup ==

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