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2021 T-shirt Design Entry Form

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== Entries ==
Julia Caffrey-Hill
Geometric theme inspired by this year's conference website
[[File:Https:// IZd5uZzKPi|thumbnail]]
Julia Caffrey-Hill
Variation on geometric design
Ben Companjen
A doodly idea aligning the ""o"" and ""i"" in ""Code{4}Lib 2021"" and ""ONLINE"", the former positioned over the latter, stretching the letters in the second line. Of course it needs to be vectorised, but I believe it is simple enough to do so quickly.
Amy Drayer
This is a play on the terminal window, as we will be at home.
Mat Kelly
A simple, typographic, monochrome logo that relies on the openly licensed Inconsolata typeface, negative space, and varied kerning.
[[File:Https:// O|thumbnail]]

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