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C4L2011 planning wishlist

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A/V Tech stuff
# Had dedicated eth line for speakers, but it wasn't used during main conf... not needed then? [note: I would've used, but was told it wasn't any faster than the wireless. --emily lynema][perhaps a mailing list of speakers (set up ahead of time) where this sort of info is distributed(?); we tried to pass the word on-site but this obviously didn't work; personally, I think we shouldn't do it again... too much hassle for speakers swapping connections and turning off wireless given the short amount of time that they have (I think this was the main reason it wasn't used even by those that knew about it) -ksclarke]
# Remind people to load web pages, play video, etc. ahead of time on the presentation computer. Have the presentation computer available more than 1 minute before talks.
# Would be very nice if the podium/lectern was properly lit -- bright enough to decent recording, independent controls from house lights (heh, so much of this is constrained by the venue - i.e. in Asheville, podium was located between two rooms where an air wall normally is closed - can't do anything to retrofit that - n.b. next local committee - investigate this type of issue - but you won't have much control).# Even a couple of par can 38s would make a difference in lighting - usually cheap to rent [-jstirnaman]
# Audience microphones!!
# Coordinate with local staff to have necessary cables to do slide capture

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