C4L2011 planning wishlist

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# Look at sponsorship of particular events (X wants to sponsor wireless or Y wants to sponsor video recording)... do it or not?
# Itemized sponsorship? ($500 to put something in the registration folder, $2000 to provide conference bag, etc.)[sounds like hassle]
# Talk with potential sponsors well in advance to determine what they'd like to get for their money; what would they like? {vendors set their marketing budgets well in advance - it would be good for local organizing committee to escalate requests earlier in the year with hopefully better results} == Raffle ==#In addition to [[Committees_sign-up_page#Book%20Give-Away%20Committee|publishers contacted previously]], solicit book donations from ##Addison Wesley/Prentice Hall##NoStarch##brainstorm more software vendors
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[[Category: Code4Lib2011]]