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Wednesday, February 9: Format into a table
===Wednesday, February 9===
*{| border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5"| 08:00-09:00 - | '''Breakfast'''*|-| 09:00-09:15 - | Housekeeping*|-| 09:15-09:35 - 20MinTalk #8: | A community based approach Community-Based Approach to developing Developing a Digital Exhibit at Notre Dame using Using the Hydra Framework, <br /> Rick Johnson, University of Notre Dame, (rick dot johnson at nd dot edu); Dan Brubaker Horst, University of Notre Dame (dbrubak1 at nd dot edu)*|-| 09:35-09:55 - 20MinTalk #9: | Chicago Underground Library’s Community-Based Cataloging System, <br />Margaret Heller, Chicago Underground Library/Dominican University (; Nell Taylor, Chicago Underground Library (*|-| 09:55-10:15 - 20MinTalk #10: | Beyond Sacrilege: A CouchApp Catalog, <br />Gabriel Farrell, Drexel University,*|-| 10:15-10:35 - | Break*|-| 10:35-10:55 - 20MinTalk #11: | Opinionated Metadata (OM): Bringing a bit Bit of sanity Sanity to the world World of XML Metadata, <br />Matt Zumwalt, MediaShelf & Hydra Project, matt.zumwalt at yourmediashelf dot com*|-| 10:55-11:15 - 20MinTalk #12: | Enhancing the Performance and Extensibility of the XC’s MetadataServicesToolkit, <br /> [ Ben Anderson], [ eXtensible Catalog Organization],*|-| 11:15-12:00 - 0 | Ask Anything!a.k.a. "Human Search Engine". A chance for you to ask a roomful of code4libbers anything that's on your mind: questions seeking answers (short or long), requests for things (hardware, software, skills, or help), or offers of things. We'll keep the pace fast, and the answers faster. Come with questions and line up at the start of the session and we'll go through as many as we can; sometimes we'll stop at finding the right person or people to answer a query and it'll be up to you to find each other after the session. First time at code4libcon! (Thanks to Ka|-Ping Yee for the inspiration/explanation, reused here in part.)*| 12:00-13:00 - | '''Lunch (provided)'''|-*| 13:00-13:20 - 20MinTalk #13: | GIS on the Cheap, <br />Mike Graves, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, gravm at email dot unc dot edu*|-| 13:20-13:40 - 20MinTalk #14: | Let's Get Small: A Microservices Approach to Library Websites, <br />Sean Hannan, Johns Hopkins University, shannan at jhu dot edu*|-| 13:40-14:00 - 20MinTalk #15: | fiwalk With Me: Building Emergent Pre-Ingest Workflows for Digital Archival Records using Open Source Forensic Software, <br />Mark A. Matienzo, Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library (mark at matienzo dot org)*|-| 14:00-14:20 - 20MinTalk #16: | (Yet Another) Home-Grown Digital Library System, Built Upon Open Source XML Technologies and Metadata Standards, <br /> David Lacy, Library Software Development Specialist, Villanova University (david dot lacy at villanova dot edu)*|-| 14:20-14:40 - | Break*|-| 14:40-15:50 - | Breakout Sessions 2*|-| 15:50-17:00 - | Lightning Talks 2*|-| 17:00-17:15 - | Breakout Reports and Daily Wrap Up*|-| 18:00-20:00 - | Social Network Dine-Arounds|}
===Thursday, February 10===