2013 Code4Lib Midwest Conference

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Call for Presenters
* Matthew Reidsma (Web Services Librarian, Grand Valley State University) - "Using jQuery to style hosted library services." Every library struggles to provide some sort of unified experience for its users, despite using hosted solutions for many of its resources. Getting these varied sites designed by countless different vendors to look like part of your library's site can be a challenge. I've found great success in combating the lackluster HTML and CSS of library vendors by using jQuery to make the page I want, rather than the page I have. I'll show some examples of projects I've completed as well as the Open Source projects they have spawned (360Link Reset, hasMedia?).
* Rich Wolf (UIC ACCC) - REST Easy: From Web Service to iOS App In this talk, we'll look at how a RESTful service can be turned into a native iOS app by creating a real live sample application, step by step. Along the way, we'll explore Xcode, Apple's IDE for developing iOS apps, Objective-C, and Interface Builder. We'll also look at open source tools, such as Two Toasters RESTKit, that make consuming REST services on an iOS device much simpler to implement.
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