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NE Code4Lib Planning — Today, January 27 Cindy G. Jan 27 Michael F. Kalee S. Michelle H. Joseph M. Randy S. Michael F. has entered the room 9:10 AM has entered the room 9:40 AM has entered the room 9:45 AM has entered the room has entered the room 9:55 AM has entered the room 10:00 AM Hi all Cindy G. hello Kalee S. Hello Joseph M. Good morning! Randy S. Hi! Michelle H. Hi Michael F. Michael F. Cindy G. Ok, Matthew Beacom and Mark Matienzo could not attend today due to conflicts So I think we're all here Tito also could not attend 10:05 AM first order of business is introductions which i suppose is taken care of pretty well in this format But i suppose what I was more interested in for an introduction is what you hope to come of this regional meeting So I will start, I'm hoping that this can kick off an annual regional get together and that we are able to start something long lasting. I think it would require us to remain at least partially on planning for the next couple years to keep this moving but home that this grows some legs of its own. I suppose i'll hand it over to Cindy, and then each just hands to to another, so Cindy, tell us your thoughts on this project. i'm Cindy, I work at Yale and am new in my position and to code4lib. I agree with Mike though. I hope that we can kick off a NE regional meeting that becomes yearly. Campfire: Today, January 27 Page 1 of 10 1/27/2012 Cindy G. Michael F. Kalee S. Randy S. Michelle H. Joseph M. i am deaf and have spoken to many deaf folks. one of the things that we never know is when a person is done speaking. 10:10 AM so, we developed codes to signify that we're done. sk means that I've stopped 'keying'... so, if we type that at the end of what we're saying, maybe it would help us with conversation. sk sounds good to me. sk Hi all - I'm a Systems Librarian at Yale. Like many, I didn't get into Code4lib this year (missed it by 6 hours or so). I'm also hoping we can start something regional that will be long-lasting. A place where we can exchange experiences / ideas / trials and make local connections to help make our collective work easier. sk Hi all - I'm the Manager of systems development in the office of information systems at the Harvard Library. We have 10 sw developers and 10 or more system librarians in OIS, plus several other library dev groups around Harvard who are potential participants. We'd love to foster more local collaboration and sharing of skills and ideas. I'd really like to see an event with lots of time for talk, meeting people, and informal sharing. sk Hi! I'm Michelle and I'm the data librarian at Yale. I've only been to one code4lib -- the midwest regional meeting at Notre Dame when I worked there. I noticed that a lot of attendees were interested in issues of research data management and digital preservation and while there are many "official" conference avenues to pursue those kinds of interests, the informal one-day get-together of several parties from a number of local institutions was really fun and productive. I'd like to have that opportunity again and would be glad to help plan for that kind of thing. My sister is deaf and I have fond memories of being five and using "sksksksksksksk" as a very-long-goodbye on the TTY. :) sk I'm Joe Montibello. I work at Dartmouth. (We have 2 programmers in the library, hiring two more soon.) I haven't been to C4L before, but I've heard good things about it. I'd also like to see this become self-sustaining at some point, and I think I'll be happy to help for a couple years to try and move it in that direction. I came here from a much smaller institution where there was no way I could have gotten funded to go to Seattle, so a local con seems like something that could reach a wider audience. sk. Michael F. ok cool Michael F. second order of business, communicating with the rest of the Code4Lib community I'm thinking that we can post the transcripts of these meetings to the list Mark Matienzo suggested an alternate list I didn't know about for planning, which could be a likely target 10:15 AM does that sound like a good plan? granted we can cherry pick to leave out hellos and idle chit chat. sk Joseph M. sounds good to me. sk. Campfire: Today, January 27 Page 2 of 10 1/27/2012 Cindy G. Michelle H. Kalee S. Randy S. Michael F. i think it is a good idea to post transcripts. i think we should use a smaller list, but what about an email to the larger population letting them know that we're doing this just so they may participate should they want to? sk Should we just post the transcripts to the list or make a public wiki-thing to host them on for (public) safe-keeping? I know we'll have Basecamp and whatnot for our own planning, but if other people want to refer to our notes... sk I think that works. We may also want to post more decision points when we meet them - like when a date for the get together is selected, etc. sk makes sense to keep details off the main c4l list, but share transcripts and invite more participants sk code4lib NW had a wiki page as well. sk ok, so the action item will be to setup a wiki representation of this group Joseph M. : ) Michael F. then post transcripts there and spam the code4lib list with link and when it is updated. maybe point out some highlights. sk Joseph M. I don't know if we can reuse that? sk. Michael F. perfect who wants to find out if we can use it? sk Joseph M. I can follow up on that. sk Michael F. ok great. sk Michael F. 10:20 AM for internal communication amongst us, would you all like me to setup a basecamp site for posting things and just stick to emails for group discussion and then this for our bi-weekly. The group emails would be considered "not public" and not shared on any public platform. anything here would be considered public. any other rules we ought to apply to ourselves? sk Randy S. Works for me, sk Kalee S. Me too. sk Cindy G. works for me as well. sk Michelle H. Me also sk Joseph M. I can't think of any other rules, sounds good. sk Michael F. Cindy G. Joseph M. ok, we can tweak as we go along. I just wanted to setup expectations so we know when the world will know who said what. next order of business is location, am I right in assuming that Yale is the right place for this event? sk There have been interests in attending a conference at Yale on the main listserv, so I think we should stick with Yale. 10:25 AM That works for me. I'd like to offer Dartmouth as a location sometime, but not ready to do that yet. sk Campfire: Today, January 27 Page 3 of 10 1/27/2012 Randy S. Michelle H. Kalee S. Yale works for me. Love to do ti at Harvard some time too. sk I think Yale is good. sk Seems like we have a quorum. sk Michael F. ok, also good reason to keep this group together for the next few years. sk next is the possible dates if we hold this even in the library we have a lecture hall, which would be great catch is that it is not air conditioned so I think the ideal months would be May or September alternatively, we don't use that room and book another hall here, but that will come at a cost so before considering another venue, would May or Sept be good months? sk early june may work since it usually doesn't totally warm up until like June 10 around Michelle H. I think early May is better than early June. June is conference season. sk Kalee S. Given other major projects at Yale in May, I would prefer September. sk Randy S. Cindy G. Joseph M. Randy S. Late May or early June should give us plenty of time to plan, but alot of the work will fall on you at For May, keep in mind that it is the end of the semester for an academic year. September is the beginning of a semester. I agree with Kalee as we do have some major upgrades going on. September would be my vote. sk! 10:30 AM I was thinking along the lines of "this fall," so I'd support a September time frame. sk. We'll need to defer to Yale logistics, I think. sk Michelle H. September sounds good. sk Joseph M. I agree, Randy! sk Michael F. ok, september-ish it is sk Randy S. Sept works. sk Michael F. lets talk format now Randy S. since it is the first, i think 2 days is reasonable where the second may not be a fully planned day i'm thinking kick off with a speaker and then sessions for the first day and then the second day run sort of an unconference i'm interested in other ideas. sk It important to have both very short presentations (5 min) and chances for longer ones. sk Joseph M. unconference/hackfest ++! also lightning round style presentations. sk Michael F. Campfire: Today, January 27 Page 4 of 10 1/27/2012 Cindy G. Randy S. Michael F. Randy S. Kalee S. Cindy G. Michelle H. lightning rounds/poster sessions are usually where i learn the most, so i agree. sk i think two days would be nice. if we have smaller breakout sessions, we'll need to be sure smaller rooms are available in addition to the main meeting room which would be the lecture hall. sk It would be good if people can get alot out of just a one day trip, with 2 for those who can invest the time. sk I have Susan's backing for getting rooms (Susan is our University Librarian). sk Are you thinking week days or week end? sk I agree - lightening talks are key. Small groups could meet in our undergraduate library, if the rooms are available. sk i can check into availability of all rooms and get back to the group on possible dates/sk If we did two days, I think one day of programmed talks (or maybe half a day?) and one day for unconference/hackathon/lightning talks could work out, and people could even decide which aspect they want to attend if not both. sk Randy S. breakout rooms near the main hall are very useful sk Michael F. Michelle H. Michael F. Randy S. it could be a fri/sat event. or a thurs/fri but I have to look into the hours of the library here and make sure we don't run up against the early closing hours. sk 10:35 AM There's a 24 hour space and a big media wall in the CSSSI if we want to get crazy. sk we could do friday to 4:30 in the sterling library and a reception at CSSSI which would be kind of cool. sk I kind of like the Fri/Sat idea sk Michael F. that is because we get kicked out of Sterling at 4:45 on fridays. sk Randy S. On to the pub! sk Kalee S. CSSI reception +1 sk Michael F. Michelle H. Michael F. Cindy G. yes, i'm thinking it could help some do two days if they don't mind taking their personal time for the "fun day". sk I'll ask Jill about the possibility of reception. We're definitely allowed to have food in the CSSSI, as well, so we could get light catering or just bring whatever. sk we don't have a formal budget but there is opportunity, also if we charge a registration fee, we could make it nice. sk if we do a fri/sat thing - it may be easier in getting rooms for a breakout session the next day (Sat) in Sterling as those rooms won't be booked. Michael F. true. sk Cindy G. would you like me to look at room availability for the month of Sept and get back to the group? Kalee S. Same with Bass rooms (which are attached to Sterling) Campfire: Today, January 27 Page 5 of 10 1/27/2012 Cindy G. sk (goodness, i'm the one who recommended sk and am so far the biggest delinquent). How many people can you handle? sk Randy S. Michael F. i was going to call you out on that :) Michael F. Michelle H. Randy S. Michael F. 10:40 AM the lecture hall seats 100 comfortable and technically holds up to 150. sk with that we could handle at least 6 break out rooms in the library and I could probably get others. sk Do we have an estimate of how many people would show up? sk Maybe we need to see what interest there is - being so close to NY, plus all of us, 100 seems very tight sk actually make that 7, the lecture hall can be a break out room, there's a reception area outside of it we could use as common space, plus there's a cafe. sk Kalee S. We could limit registration to a certain Michael F. there is larger auditorium space I think we can easily get before 11am on a friday that can seat 250. sk if we hold it in august before classes begin, we can secure it anytime we want. that building has A/C. sk Randy S. we could poll the c4l list for interest, and also ask offline more locally. sk Michael F. Cindy G. 10:45 AM if we post to the list that we chatted, came up with Sept as the time and ask who would like to attend, it might test the waters enough to know. sk i would be comfortable keeping it in the library if it is under 150. sk my opinion? anyone can say they're interested, but once logistics are presented (Date, times, venue), that's when folks know they're able to come. sk ! Michael F. true, what if we pick a date now. Can we shoot for Sept 21/22? Randy S. Kalee S. sk I think a yes, no, maybe request for interest on "mid September, 2 days at Yale, Fri/Sat" would give good input. sk Sept 21/22 sounds good to me - enough time to get the semester started off, and for the weather to cool down. sk Randy S. And its not Rosh Hashonah... sk Michael F. 21 = international day of peace, 22 = first day of fall. sk Joseph M. I think that should work pretty well, with a yes/no/maybe. Do we need to push people to a poll/surveymonkey type thing or just "Everybody respond to Michael F." ? : ) Campfire: Today, January 27 Page 6 of 10 1/27/2012 Cindy G. Joseph M. Cindy G. Michael F. Michelle H. Michael F. Michelle H. i agree. i just sent an email to a colleague asking for availability for the main lecture hall on 9/21. sk sk 10:50 AM yale just started some new survey service, this would be a good test for it assuming it is public. sk Is it easier for people to click a link and click a radio button and click submit or is it easier to email Mike and have him keep track? sk if not i'll survey monkey something together. sk I have a Qualtrics account already and I assume we can make public surveys since IT sent out a news item. sk Kalee S. I think a survey is more work for responders, but easier for Mike. :) sk Cindy G. survey takes my vote. I also checked on availability for two rooms that we could use as breakouts for 9/21 - both are wide open. i'll put a hold on those two rooms. sk Michael F. yeah, easy is relative. sk thanks Cindy. sk Randy S. survey give automated sumarries, so +1 sk Michael F. a second email to the list will be to call for proposals, i think that could go out soon. thoughts about that? sk Kalee S. I agree - survey +1 sk Randy S. Don't let me type the notices ;-) sk Michael F. Joseph M. Michael F. Michael F. Michelle H. lol survey +1, call for proposals, +1. Randy types notices, -1. ; ) sk i'm fluent in 7 programming languages, i only speak english goodly and can't spell to save my life. sk 10:55 AM ok, final wrap up. next meeting we will follow up with secured spaces, we will hopefully have a wiki presence setup or secured and I will work on getting a formal budget. i will circulate drafts of two emails to hit the list with Michelle, can you draft a survey? Can we check and see if Qualtrics surveys are public for sure? I made a test one. sk Oh lookie there. sk Michael F. neat Michelle H. Do we want more information from respondents or to keep it simple? sk Joseph M. I just responded, can you see it? sk Campfire: Today, January 27 Page 7 of 10 1/27/2012 Michael F. Michelle H. Cindy G. i responded too. sk I see five responses nice survey! i just completed it. so nice and quick. sk Kalee S. Me, too. Looks good! Michelle H. Michael F. Michelle H. Michael F. Joseph M. sk Six, all yes. Yay! sk should we include a box to add what library they are from? sk I can make an optional text box. sk ok Maybe an optional box would be best - include your name or institution if you wish? sk Randy S. That would help us understand the scope of our endeavor. sk Kalee S. We could also ask what they are interested in talking about / hearing about at the conference. sk Randy S. Yes, best to have just one survey! Cindy G. 11:00 AM not a bad idea - to solicit topics. should i look into area hotels for deals? sk Randy S. sk Michelle H. Michael F. okay, optional: who are you/where are you from, what are you interested in talking about at the conference. Anything else? sk omni hotel usually offers us block rates and it might be worth checking on swing space. sk is there a way to word, would you attend just fri, sat or both? or is that too detailed? sk Randy S. Might you like to present? sk Michael F. actually, nevermind on swing, we can't use that during academic year. sk Joseph M. maybe a row of checkboxes? would you: Michelle H. I can use skip logic where if they say yes, I can ask if they want Friday, Saturday, or both. sk Joseph M. ( )attend friday Michael F. ( )want to present ( ) etc. sk maybe offer checkbox for present: lecture style, poster, lightning round, moderate unconference Cindy G. (i'll make a list of local hotels and their rates). Michelle H. sk Should there be a "why not" for the "no" answers or do we not care what's preventing people from coming? Should we say "Hey if you're interested Campfire: Today, January 27 Page 8 of 10 1/27/2012 Randy S. Michelle H. please indicate you're interest but if you're not don't answer the survey at all" ? sk Maybe just a final comments box. sk ooh, a you're/your typo. don't let me write the notices either! sk Kalee S. I think we just gather data from people who are interested in attending. Michael F. Randy S. "If you're interested in attending, fill out the form, etc." sk maybe instead of checkboxes for the type of presentation, just add in parenthesis the styles available. sk 11:05 AM Got to run soon. Can't do Feb 10, 10-11, unfortunately. Any other time that day works. sk. Michael F. true, if they can't come, we don't care. sk ok, i'll send out a reminder for the next one. thanks for joining us Randy. sk Joseph M. +1 I think we just gather data from people who are interested in attending. Michelle H. Okay, I won't add skip logic asking them why. We'll just assume that anyone answering the survey is interested in coming and gather feedback based on that. I'll send out the survey when I'm done and you can send me feedback, I'll revise, and then we can send it out to people. sk Kalee S. I've got to run, too. I have an 11am meeting ever Friday. Bye, all! sk Michael F. Michelle, if you get the survey together, i'll start drafting the email. maybe we can send out today? sk yes, we're over our time. thank you all for taking the time. sk Randy S. Good start!! Bye all. sksk Randy S. Joseph M. has left the room bye Randy :) sk Michelle H. Sure, I'll do it now. sk Michael F. ok, i'll send out a summary email. thank you all. I'm going to run as well. bye, sk Cindy G. thank you!! looking forward to working with all of you. bye sksk Cindy G. Michael F. Joseph M. Joseph M. James L. has left the room has left the room I've emailed Jay Luker and Casey Bisson, who look like they might have been involved in setting up the previous NECode4Lib (and attendant wiki page). I'll email the group when I hear. Take care! sksksksk has left the room 11:15 AM has entered the room 11:20 AM has left the room Kalee S. Campfire: Today, January 27 Page 9 of 10 1/27/2012 Michelle H. James L. Michael F. 11:40 AM has left the room has left the room 12:40 PM has entered the room